We provide all forms of general x-rays, achieved through digital x-ray imaging.

These include specific chiropractic spinal x-rays, as well as dedicated dental x-rays, also known as O.P.G. and T.M.J’s (temporo-mandibular joints). We can also perform all standard x-rays and specialised x-rays if requested, including whole leg (for leg length measurements, including with absolute measurements scale on the image) and whole spine views (erect or supine).

At Shire Medical Imaging, Miranda, we can provide all general x-rays, using the latest digital imaging technology. These include chiropractic spinal x-rays, dedicated dental x-rays (OPG, TMJ, temporo-mandibular joints)

  • What is an X-ray?

    An x-ray test uses radiation in the x-ray spectrum. X-rays are shone through the part of the body that is required and shadows are formed on the screen. These shadows show details about the bones and other tissues in the body.

  • Preparation

    1. The first step in the process is for us to find out what is on the request form that your doctor gave you for this test. This may involve you coming into our rooms and showing our front desk staff the form. Or you can fax or email the form to us (see contact us). Or maybe you can read out what is on the form over the phone to one of our front desk staff. We need to know what kind of test is requested, what part of the body the test is requested for and what the problem is.
    2. Metallic objects, including watches, keys and jewellery may need to be removed before the examination as these may show up on the xray and obscure the x-rays.
    3. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. There may be metal or radiopaque objects/material in the clothes. You will be asked to change into a surgical gown for most x-rays.