Bone Densitometry

At Shire Medical Imaging, we perform bone mineral densitometry using DEXA technology (dual energy xray absorptiometry), which uses low dose xrays of different energy levels to assess the bone density at clinically relevant sites (eg lumbar spine and hip).

No preparation is required.

  • Body Composition DEXA scan Sydney

    Body composition DEXA scan available in Miranda, south of Sydney. At Shire Medical Imaging, we are proud to offer Body Composition Examinations using the latest dual energy low dose xray absorptiometry technology. These examinations provide precise data on soft tissue and bone composition, including bone-mineral density, lean and fat tissue mass and percentage fat.


    Total body BMD

    BMD for body parts (eg. leg, arm, trunk, spine, pelvis)

    Body Composition

    • Percentage fat – legs, arms, pelvis, trunk, total, with normal range for age graphs.
    • Percentage lean mass
    • Total body mass, fat tissue weight, lean tissue weight
    • BMI
    • Tissue fat/tissue lean percentages for body part eg. pelvis
    • Resting metabolic rate
    • Relative skeletal muscle index (relative muscle in the arms and legs)
    • Lean Mass balance (compares lean mass of the left and right sides of the body)

    Data and population comparison graphs

    Trend comparison graphs (if follow up studies are performed over time)

    Colour coded body composition distribution maps